Hunter Green Slip Ons for Men

Sale price$175
Hunter Green Slip Ons for Men - Charix Shoes
Hunter Green Slip Ons for Men - Charix Shoes
Hunter Green Slip Ons for Men - Charix Shoes
Hunter Green Slip Ons for Men - Charix Shoes

Hunter Green Slip Ons for Men

Hunter Green Slip Ons for Men

Sale price$175
Color:Hunter Green

We brewed posh with forest, added a pinch of an adventurous streak, and then molded it all together with our finest full-grain leather. This is how the Hunter Green Charix was conceived and created. Walking in them will make you look fancy and feel close to nature at the same time.

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Men's Size:

Men's Size

Free Shipping
Both Ways
Interior & exterior pockets
30 Days
Easy Returns
15" laptop pocket


Memory Foam Insoles:

All-day comfort

Soft Leathers:

Molds to feet, doesn’t stink

Non-Skid Rubber Outsoles:

Grip + durability

Padded Heel Cushion:

Helps avoid blisters

TSA Friendly:

Smart travel with ease

Sustainably Made:

Keeps the planet in mind


Resists rain & splashes

About This Style

    Charix Classic is our signature style based on an 800-year design heritage. We discovered the original pair in a tucked away shop in Istanbul. Inspired by their ageless charm, we remade them with new age craftmanship to elevate the comfort and quality. We are first and only brand that offers these style of shoes with the specifications of modern high-end footwear.

Materials & Making
  • Upper & Insole: Genuine leather
  • Midsole: High-density memory-foam
  • Outsole: Non-skid, non-mark rubber
  • Made in: Charix Atelier Istanbul
  • Production: Handmade by expert artisans
Shipping & Return
  • Free Shipping + Free Return Shipping
  • Easy Returns & Exchanges within 30 days
  • Ships from Charix HQ in Washington DC
  • Express Delivery Available
    Leathers: Gold-certified by LWG
    Packaging: Post-consumer recycled materials
    Slow Fashion: Fewer and better products
    Production: Fair Trade guidelines
    Workforce: 100% sweat-shop free
    Company: Boutique, independent business

Size Guide

Euro US
40 7 - 7.5
41 8 - 8.5
42 9 - 9.5
43 10 - 10.5
44 11 - 11.5
45 11.5 - 12
46 12 - 12.5
Euro US
35 5 - 5.5
36 6 - 6.5
37 7 - 7.5
38 8 - 8.5
39 9 - 9.5
40 9.5 - 10
41 10 - 10.5
42 10.5 - 11
43 11 - 11.5
44 11.5 - 12
45 12 - 12.5
46 12.5 - 13
Euro US
40 7 - 7.5
40.5 7.5 - 8
41 8 - 8.5
41.5 8.5 - 9
42 9 - 9.5
42.5 9.5 - 10
43 10 - 10.5
44 10.5 - 11
45 11.5 - 12
46 12
Euro US
35 5
35.5 5.5
36 6
36.5 6.5
37 7
37.5 7.5
38 8
38.5 8.5
39 8.75
39.5 9
40 9.25
40.5 9.5
41 9.75
41.5 10
42 10.5
42.5 10.75
43 11
44 12
45 13
46 14


Great for travel, work, and everyday living, Charix shoes are a true investment in both style and comfort.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2059 reviews
Anina Van Alstine
Comfortable... and very pretty

This is my second pair of Charix shoes ... I like them for their comfort and the pretty prettend leopard print.

Diane Naab
Happy Feet

I bought Charix shoes for our upcoming trip to Italy in September. We do a lot of walking, so my feet are my main concern (along with finding fabulous food & wine!) In preparation for the trip, I've been wearing the shoes almost everyday to "break them in" per your suggestion. They are perfect!! And I can't wait to wear them in fabulous Italy!

Anne M
Black shoes

These Charix I bought more for autumn days. They are a little snug which with wear should become less so. Cannot give fair review as I haven't used them yet.

Pretty in pink!

Love these shoes!

Lisa Myers
Great looking shoe

Runs small. I prefer to wear mine without socks but a Ped works also. I bought the Safari Suede and they are beautiful leather. Good idea to buy the suede spray also.

Nancy T Montgomery
Comfort and Style

Love my Charix royal blue shoes❗️ Soo compfy walking through the cities on my vacation❣️ Flexible, but also supportive❗️ Just ordered anothe pair in Pistachio👍

Lisa M.
Amazing but imperfect

I cannot overstate my love for these shoes. They go with almost everything, I get complimented on them almost every time I wear them, and they are almost impossibly comfortable. I’m a teacher who is on my feet all day long and have really put them to the test! I was just gifted my second pair and I could not be more delighted.

That said, after just about a year of heavy but not daily wear, the first layer of leather on the interior has worn through where my big toe sits (I can feel it if I put my hand inside the shoe, and this tear now rubs on my toe and causes irritation), and the sole is also nearly worn out at the heel. I’m surprised by this because the shoes are quite expensive.

Patricia Dienz
Cute and Comfortable

I now have four pairs of Charix shoes and particularly use them for travel. They have served me well and I often get asked about them.

My one wish: I wish they made these shoes in other than flats! At five feet tall I appreciate some height!

Rachel Self
Great shoes.

I love them.

M Johnson
Should have read more reviews!

Lesson learned the hard way. If only I had read more reviews I’d have been forewarned that many have found these shoes pinch your big toes. Shame on me because I now own multiple pairs of your shoes (all ordered at the same time) which are not comfortable enough to wear for more than a few minutes. Ouch! Too bad because they are really cute!