Charix is predominantly a direct-to-consumer online brand. We offer free shipping, easy returns, and great customer service so that you can try our shoes at the comfort of your home.

Our only physical retail presence is in Washington DC, where we are headquartered. If happen to be in DC area, we would love to host you.


Charix showroom is the real-life extension of our brand personality: a minimalist and premium space showcasing high quality products. It is the manifestation of our vision of new retail experience offering events, arts, and culture.

320 Florida Ave NE, Washington DC, 20002

Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 10am to 7pm (Closed Tuesdays ). Sunday from 10:30am – 5pm.


We fulfill our orders directly from Charix Warehouse. It is also serves as a community center where we host events, live music, art displays, and simply offer open doors to our local community.

Address: 1905 Fairview Ave NE Washington DC, 20002

Hours: Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm. Saturday 10am – 2pm. (by appointment only).