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Linda Picarazzi
Saved my trip

On a recent trip to France my carryon was “checked” at the gate as the overhead compartments were full. I was wearing my new charix shoes since they were easy off and on at security. My luggage was lost for the first three days of my trip and I wore those shoes everywhere- walking tours, cobblestone streets, to dinner. My feet were comfortable, no blisters, tons of compliments. Thanks so much. You saved my feet and my trip.

Nice shoes!

I was very pleased with my new shoes! I was initially not going to get them because I was concerned that they would not fit, but I ordered my usual shoe size and they were perfect.

Dark Navy
Cynthia Arn
Love these shoes!

I hesitated about purchasing these shoes as they are a tad pricey. Long story short, I now have 3 pairs! Sooo comfortable and classic. The first 2 were deliciously comfortable right out of the box. The 3rd pair are breaking in very nicely. I feel like they will last forever. Beautiful workmanship.

Olive Suede
Cheryle Dart
I LOVE my Charix!

When I saw Charix shoes I hoped that they would be a good fit for my difficult feet, they’re super comfortable. Next time I’m in the US I will be buying more.

Mary Bucco
Timely and Responsive

I purchased my first pair of shoes from Charix in Aug. Very excited to receive them and they didn;t fit and I was leaving in a little over a week for 3 months. I sent them back and hoped I would get the correct size before I left. Charixthe was so quick to turn around and the new shoes arrived. This time they were a little too big. I only went up a quarter size so I was really surprised at the difference in the fit. I will keep these because I think they will fit my daughter, but disappointed that I will not be able to get a pair of shoes from you because they won;t fit me right. Outstanding customer service though.

Heather K
Best shoes ever

I bought a second pair after wearing the first pair daily for 7 months. The original pair were beginning to wear down at the heels, as shoes do. They are being repaired and I expect to get many more miles in them. Meanwhile I needed a backup pair as shoe repair is not easy to find, and takes time to be done properly. I’ve said this before: these shoes seem expensive but in reality they are not. At least for me. I have finally found the right shoe for my foot. I am no longer wasting money on shoes that don’t last and/or end up hurting after a few wears.

Lafia Margie
Too tight

The quality of the shoes is fantastic. However, I followed the advice to order size 8, which is what I normally wear. As I’m breaking them in my toe hits the end of the shoe and is not conforming to my foot.

Great shoes

I really do love these shoes. They are comfortable and work well with dresses, skorts and pants. They were delivered quickly and since I bought 2 sizes, the return was simple and free.
Unfortunately after reading reviews from folks who wore them for travel without breaking them in, I made the mistake and did the same. I walked far too many miles and got several blisters. It was also hot and humid and the shoes were very hard to put on. Now that I’m home and the weather is cooler and I don’t wear them for long walks, they are perfectly comfortable and easy to put on. I should have brought walking shoes in addition to these shoes. Next time.
Despite my troubles, I like these shoes enough to buy another pair in a different color.

Flo M.
Extremely Comfortable!

Comfortable and stylish shoes from the very first time you wear them. I have gotten so many compliments on my Pistachio Charix, even my daughter wants her own pair. You will want them in all the fun colors.

Cobalt Blue
Mary Lantz
Buttery soft and stylish

Very comfortable once they’ve been “broken in.”

Olive Suede
Julianne Childs
Bought 5 pairs!

Most comfy shoes ever and work with every outfit!

Deborah S Smoot
The Best!

These shoes are beautiful! They are so well made. Customer service
is great. They are
comfortable all day.
Smart, stylish and in my size 43! Thanks Charix for
making a shoe that
I love! And yes, the colors are great too! I currently own
four. Finally a way
to walk after a bad
ski accident, two
hip replacements
and my only option, the old lady
orthopedic store.
Yes, I’m an old lady, but I sure don’t have to look like one! These shoes get better with time!

Paula Leigh
My Pistachios

The comfort is wonderful. One needs to be patient and remember to wear a light sock as the shoe is forming to your foot. I wore a small nylon sock for awhile and now not, but can choose to do so if I would want. I love the color options. Hopefully will purchase another pair next spring, or maybe before.

April Salter
Love every pair!

Thank you for the cute colors and comfy fit. I constantly get comments on my yellow and my pistachio shoes. The Navy suede are beautiful. I can’t wait to bring them traveling with me next month! Very well made.

Bethany Overstreet
Pretty great!

I love the color and feel. They certainly are comfortable. I did get blisters the first time wearing them, but never since. Part of the problem is that I have narrow heels so I often have shoes that slip off and cause blisters. The quality is very good, however, and I do appreciate their versatility with the majority of my wardrobe. Yes, I’d recommend them.

Camel Black
Patricia Leaman
Very comfortable

I am usually a size 8 but I found these shoes ran small and after two free returns, I bought a size 9 which was a little bit roomy but I figure in the winter I will be able to wear them with a sock. I began wearing the shoes right away and had no issues with chafing, they were very comfortable and looked great with everything. I purchased the brown and black shoes but plan to get a different color next year for summer.

Deborah Bowman
I’m impressed!

I ordered these shoes in my usual size and when they arrived I popped them on and took a walk. The heel area seemed loose and I wondered if I should have gone for a different size. Since I had already worn them out of the house the exchange policy was off the table. I emailed for some suggestions and got the answer to try some leather sole inserts to keep my foot from slipping forward. That worked and I’ve been happily wearing my shoes ever since. I have gotten a second pair in a cognac color and hope to add some fun colors as time goes on.

Sharman Reed
Fabulous shoes that are very comfortable

These shoes are great! Great for trips or just everyday. I have worn them all summer and they are VERY comfortable for walking and wearing all day. I did not have to worry about blisters either because the leather is so soft. I have two pairs and plan on buying more colors!!

Kimberly P.
Traveling Buddies

Purchases a pair of Charix Shoes hoping to have a go to for traveling. I stayed safe and got black. They fit good, but the more I wore them around the house they did mold to my feet, no socks. I’m 5.2 and 116 with flat feet was concerned about not much of an arch, but feel wonderful all day. The price was kind of high, but the quality and workmanship definitely worth the expense and experience. Enjoy!

Catherine F
Pistachio shoes

When a company suggests that their shoes do not have a "break in" period or they'll mold to your feet, I'm skeptical. However, Charix wasn't kidding. Initially, I wondered if my toes were too close to the top of the shoe. Then I thought they might be a bit too wide. After a month I realize I need to buy another super comfortable pistachio shoes don't go with everything!

Gina Reckart
My 30 year old daughter stole my shoes

I had to order me another pair because my 30 year old daughter who was wearing uncomfortable shoes while on a trip with me tried these shoes on and said she wanted to keep them. I'm leaving for a two week trip to Italy and taking two pair with me. They are so comfortable and need no breaking in. I will say order 1/2 size up or they will be a little tight around the toes. Love these shoes!!!!

Leopoldine Berkstresser
Best shoes ever!

It is very seldom that I can put on new shoes and walk without socks and have no blisters .
My husband also owns a pair of Charix shoes now.

Nice shoes

I tried wearing them around the house for a few hours before I wore them on vacation but I still got blisters on both big toes. They are nice shoes but a little disappointed about the fit.

Denise Ray

Having troubled feet, I must say that these Charix shoes are an answer to my prayers.

Camel Black
Joy Guthrie

I thought my newest pair would be softer. My first pair was great.