We wonder where our shoes go after they leave our Atelier. We imagine it's the beginning of a new adventure and the outset of a good story. Here is what we know based on reviews and experiences shared by our customers.
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Shane Simon
Love them!

My first, but definitely not last pair!

Black Mules
Brenda Magnon

Great shoes love them

Kathlean Faver

So excited I bought the smaller size and so much better then my original ones, they do not slip on my heals. I would purchase again.

Sue Halfacre
Feel great!

Fit good look good and can’t wait to save up and get another pair

Midnight Blue
Helen Smith
Wonderful walking from the moment I put them on.

The shoes are lovely. Well made and comfortable. What really impressed me though is the excellent customer service. My initial choice was too large. When I spoke with the customer service representative he arranged for my return and sent me 2 choices in size so that I was getting my best fit. The return process was very simple and hassle free. I think I’m a customer for life.

Never fit

Tried 3 different sizes & none fit.

Mary Nicholls
Penny’s Thoughts

I have 2 pairs of these shoes and they are wonderful. They are so comfortable and the insoles are supportive! I am over 70 with back issues and can wear them all day without any discomfort . Color choices are great!

Safari Suede
Teresa McCarthy
Super Comfortable

I have wide feet and so I sized up a half size, my shoes slid off my heel. I quickly and easily returned those shoes and my regular sized shoes have been so comfortable. I have neuropathy and need a shoe that feel secure on my feet and these do. I have been wearing them around the neighborhood, and they are one of the few shoes that aren't athletic shoes that I am comfortable wearing,

Cobalt Blue

Such comfortable and easy to slip on shoes that are super cute and versatile with business to casual outfits!

Joyce Miller

Love the navy blue shoes, they are a true navy color!!!

Jeanie Jensen
Charix Shoes

Charix Shoes are just wonderful!!
I have several colors and hopefully
Will get more!! They are stylish and very comfortable. Thank you!!!

Cathie Perolman
Great Shoes!

These totally live up to their reputation! They are beautiful and totally comfortable! I’m so glad I bought them!

Safari Suede
Colleen Murphy Paggi

I love your shoes. But they just don’t fit correctly on me. I had to send them back. But they are beautiful shoes.

Janet Bruske

Soft and comfortable leather. Inside is so soft and luxurious.

Espresso Suede
Kathi Moore
very comfortable

exactly as described

When will they stretch?

I just wore my shoes for the first time to a party, and my big toes are now very sore. Your instructions said to choose a size in which the toe lightly touched the front of the shoe. So I returned the size that seemed loose all around, and ordered a size down. It lightly touched my toe as suggested. But tonight the shoes did not stretch out at all - the leather seems very sturdy. The shoe is beautifully made, but I am concerned they will not stretch enough to be comfortable, and am therefore not sure they are sized in a way that will work for my feet. One size up slipped off my heels, this size hurts my toes. I hope the shoes will stretch out as advertised and become comfortable. One wear may not be enough - but my feet really hurt by the end of the night. I am disappointed - these shoes are costly and now I have worn them.

Cobalt Blue Mules
Wistar Bjorksten
Complete satisfaction

Charix is my go to shoe. So stylish with unparalleled comfort. Thanks Charix!

Vintage Pink
Diane Schneck
Best shoes ever!

I have Many pairs in a variety of colors. They are the most comfortable shoes that I own and can be worn with skirts, jeans, shorts, …

Midnight Blue
Carol Burch
Most comfortable shoes I own.

These are so cute and comfortable I bought 8 pair and tried to wear before realizing I needed a half size larger. So, I donated the first set and repurchased my shoes a half size larger. Then, I ordered 3 other pair! Crazy Charix lady! Best shoes!

Midnight Blue
Linda J. Buch
Comfortable and stylish

It is winter here in Colorado so I have not had the chance to wear these shoes as much as I would like but when I do I find them comfortable and easy to walk around in. I love the look as well. I will be taking these with me when I travel as they will pack well. The heel is a bit looser than I am used to, however. Otherwise fabulous!

They live up to the Hype!

I was skeptical that they would be comfortable and feel shaped to my feet within the first day of wearing them and was very happy to find that the advertisement was TRUE! I have worn them all but two days in since I purchased them, and that was due to the temperature requiring warmer wear. Give them a try - you will love them like I do. I have ordered 2 more pair.


These were a gift but arrived perfect condition

Ultimate Wallet
Joyce Miller

Love my shoes. I have several pairs and am very happy with them. They are very comfortable !!!

my charix shoes

Love my Charix shoes as I have them in so many different colors. They are my go to shoe for everything.

Vintage Pink
Very disappointed in Sizing

I love the look of your shoes. However, they did not fit me. Original order was US size 9 - they were too loose - sent them back - requested the next size smaller - they were too small. I gave them to a friend. I am very disappointed, I was going to order them in several colors.