Charix makes finely crafted artisan shoes made using quality natural leathers. As a sustainable slow-fashion brand, we would like to create long-lasting relationships between our shoes and their owners. Therefore, we recommend proper maintenance with extra care.


Periodic Conditioning: First, wipe off excess dirt and dust with a brush or a damp cloth. Then, apply a simple shoe cream all around to nourish the leather and keep it supple. As a final touch, buff to a shine with dry cloth using a back-and-forth motion to get rid of any small bits of cream.

Rain or Wet: Charix are quite resilient to rain or getting wet. If they get wet, do not be alarmed. Simply wipe them off with cloth and leave them in the room to dry naturally. Once dried, we recommend applying shoe cream and buffing with dry cloth to nourish the leather and gain its original vibrant look.

Stains: Ideally you should apply a leather protective spray before your first wear to guard against unwanted spills and stains. If, you experience a spill or stain, we
recommend applying a leather cleaning solution, then buffing with pressure using back and forth motion on the stain. For heavy stains, we recommend using saddle


Our suede leathers are beautifully textured and may require a little extra care. First, we recommend using a suede protector spray to shield against the elements. Ideally you should do this before the first wear. For regular maintenance, we recommend a suede brush to remove any dirt and buff using the back (rubber) side of the brush to remove any marks. If there is a heavier stain, you can use specifically formulated suede detergents to wash away the dirt. Alternatively, you can take your shoes to a cobbler for a professional clean.


We partnered with Attirecare to offer a small selection of leather care products. The products are made out of organic ingredients with no harsh chemicals. All formulas are environmentally friendly, ethically made, and biodegradable. All packaging is 100% recyclable. You can buy our care products directly at our website or you can buy alternative care products in the market.