An Ancient Shoe. Reimagined.

For centuries, skilled craftsmen in Turkey have been making artisanal leather shoes that stand the test of time. Inspired by their ancient design, we elevated them with modern craftsmanship to bring you the best of old and new.

Exceptionally Comfortable

Charix feel comfortable out of the box, thanks to our unique memory-foam insoles. Whether you’re an urban explorer or a beach lover, Charix are perfect for long days of walking or traveling.

Effortlessly Chic

Charix are easy to dress up or down. The minimal, timeless profile is casual enough to wear to brunch yet refined enough to pair with formal attire.

Designed for Travel

Charix are the perfect footwear for your next journey, the one after that, and the next one, too. Take them out for a late night in Berlin, to a beach in St. Tropez, and catch a red-eye back to Istanbul — they will be ready for both the expected and the extraordinary.

We wonder where our shoes go after they leave our atelier. We imagine it's the beginning of a new adventure and the outset of a good story.

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