We Are Charix

In a world dominated by fast-fashion, we’ve slowed things down. We make only one style shoes with an endless pursuit of perfection. Charix is our original take on an iconic silhouette where timeless design meets the finest contemporary craftsmanship.

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Supremely Comfortable

Charix feel comfortable out of the box, thanks to our proprietary memory-foam insoles. Take them on next journey, the one after that, and the next one too. They will feel comfortable every step of the way.

Effortlessly Versatile

Charix are easy to dress up or down. The elegant silhouette is casual enough to wear to brunch, yet refined enough to pair with formal attire.

Forever Chic

Charix embodies a universal appeal that fuses minimalism and unforced authenticity. Our shoes are handcrafted to last for years and defy fashion trends.