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Lovely Co., Shoes, and Customer Service

Finding a shoe size that fits me is difficult, and despite some user error on my end to initiate an exchange, a representative reached out to ensure my first order promo carried over to my separate order.

The shoes are lovely and crafted with care. I’m actually not in possession of a pair at the time of writing this review, but I was so impressed with the product immediately even if that order didn’t quite fit me. I can’t wait for the correct size to arrive, so I can show them off! Love these East Coast/DC shoes. Shop local.

Adorable and versatile

These shoes are not only super cute but they work perfectly for those of us who are on our feet teaching all day! Calling all teachers: Please check these out! They work perfectly for all of your outfits and for zapping around your classroom! I just ordered another pair!

Not To Be Dramatic...

....but my Charix shoes have ruined all other shoes for me. They go with everything and are so comfortable (yet professional). Being a diabetic, I appreciate all the cushion and the fact that there is plenty of room in the toes.
Also, shout-out to the stellar customer service!

So Cute

I finally received the Cherry shoes that have been ordered for awhile! Love them. The shoes on the website look to have a little bit of a pink color to them. They look to be a different shade of red. No matter, they are very cute. So glad they came in. Thank you, Charix!

This particular color/suede does not fit like any of the smooth leather pairs I have and the toe box is not adequate. The customer service rep informed me that the toe box on this particular color has not been redesigned. I wish the company would either redesign all the toe boxes or inform the customer whick ones have or have not been. I have spent more time returning shoes playing the what size will work in this color game then I care to.
I unfortunately believe that as much as I like your shoes I must stop additional purchases until you have consistency in sizing. I have a pair that fits great a pair that I can only wear a shirt time because of the toe box and am hoping to get the return on this pair correctly sized or they will be returned again.

Hi Johanna -- great to hear from you. We did experiment with the toebox to find the perfect balance between too tight against the vs. too wiggly. We collected a lot of feedback to make one universal toebox that worked for a vast majority of our customers. We re happy to inform you that we finally found the perfect balance and all of our shoes today have one standard toebox.

Enjoying these shoes!

Such an attractive, comfortable pair of shoes! Thank you, Charix!

Soft pastels all day long!!!

I’m in love with these shoes & this color. So sad that the soft pastel colors are now so limited. Please bring them back!!

Sooo comfy

I originally ordered a half size too big, but the exchange process was very simple and quick. Considering buying a second pair in another color because they're just that comfortable and stylish!

Best shoes ever!

You often hear the phrase, “Comfortable right out of the box!” Well, it’s never truer than with these shoes. They are so well crafted. Also true to size. I am a consistent size 7; the size 37 EUR in the Charix fit perfectly. I own a pair in olive suede and burgundy smooth leather. The olive suedes are my go-tos. Can’t wait to buy my third pair of Charix shoes!

The best shoes ever!

These shoes are beautiful, stylish and so comfortable! They were my first pair but won’t be my last!
Customer service was so helpful with my exchange. Excellent experience.

Get it!

No regrets honestly! High quality!!!

Love! Worth it! Get it!

Hello people! I literally own this in three colors, the beautiful pistachio, the fun cobalt blue and the black and let me tell you, the comfort is amazing, great grip the memory foam bounces back nicely and it's just great quality and my feet don't stink! :)

Only negative is maybe to out some powder on your feet during the summer if they sweat as much as mine do because then your foot feels a bit stuck in one spot but that's nothing compared to the comfort, effortless style these shoes possess!

Charix Shoes

I've had my Charix shoes for about 1 month. Initially, the leather was a bit stiff and I worried that my high arch was going to be a problem. After wearing the shoes very regularly for a couple of weeks, the leather softened and the shoes are exceptionally comfortable. I wear my Charix shoes nearly daily and am already trying to decide which color I want to buy next.

My Feet are too pudgy

They are beautiful shoes, but I could not get my feet into the, even with ordering a size up.

Great shoes!

I have had my Charix for about a month now. I love them. I’m a realtor and walk /stand a lot. These shoes will not let you down. They are so comfortable and cute! They are my go to shoes! The leather is so soft and the rubber soles are great.

Comfy Shoes

These are the most comfortable shoes that can be worn with casual or more dress up clothes. They required no break in, comfy right out of the box once I got the size I needed. I highly recommend them!

Excellent Product and Customer Service

These shoes are beautifully made of the highest quality leather, very comfortable and very chic. The taupe is a must for all your basics, and the feel on the foot is sublime. They do stretch, so don't worry if they feel a little tight. I also want to add that the Customer Service is so good that that is rare. A true pleasure working with Team Charix to find what was right for me! Highly recommend!

So happy I splurged on these shoes

I love my Charix shoes. They are very comfortable and easy to wear. When I first put my black pair on they were slightly too tight but within 5 minutes of walking around they were a perfect fit.
Customer service was great too when I decided I wanted to change colors on the second pair I bought.
Highly recommend these shoes.

Foot Heaven!

I bruised the metatarsal bones in my left foot and have been unable to wear anything from my shoe collection due to the pain! How sad it that! :( Plus I have been struggling with painful orthotics. Ordering shoes online is always a gamble but I was lured in by the amazing reviews and the memory foam foot bed. Well these shoes have exceeded my expectations and beyond! They are really and truly THE MOST comfortable shoes! For the first time in over 6 months I have no pain while wearing shoes. I am buying more as these are now my go to shoe and will be even after my foot heals. They are not only comfortable but simple, stylish and classic. I highly recommend these shoes!

Love these shoes, very comfortable and I wear them every day.


Great neutral color, goes with everything. Comfortable. Will soon be my “go to” shoe.

Best purchase ever!

I hesitated spending the money on these but bought them as a birthday gift for myself. I now own 3 pair of them and have recommended them to my friends!
Definitely worth the price! You will love them. So comfortable and stylish!

Officially Charix addict!

I just received my 8th pair in the Pistachio color to join my black, burgundy, taupe, hunter green, olive green suede, ultimate gray and camel! If you’re a green girl the pistachio is surprisingly versatile and adds a great color pop to a lot in my closet, especially for heading into spring and summer. I can absolutely confirm the craftsmanship, quality and sizing are consistent. Customer service is also the best. Comfortable out of the box and they only get better with subsequent wears. Love, love these shoes!

These shoes are perfect

I have spent years searching for the perfect flats and these are it! Once I found my size, they’re perfect. Comfortable out of the box and don’t aggravate any of my foot issues. I can’t wait to travel again now that I have the perfect, supportive flats. Already have ordered 5 pair and will order more when my size is available.

Love them, but

I love my shoes, but they are still too big. I am too embarrassed to send back and replace.
I have them in full sight, wishing I could wear them.

No need to be not embarrassed at all. We have a very easy and flexible exchange policy. Just email us and we will be happy to make it right for you.