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Safari - Women's
Elizabeth Van Riper
Casual Elegance

I love my, now six pairs of Charix: Buff, Tourquoise, Yellow, Orange, Pistachio and Royal Blue. From a morning walk through to cocktails in the evening, with jeans, shorts or casual dresses this shoe is classical and oh how comfortable !
I love that they are hand sewn in Turkey by people not machines and that the customer service by the owners is exemplary My grown son and his wife are now devotees and gifting shoes to their friends.

Orange - Women's
Deirdre Collins
Love them, but too small.

I ordered my usual size, but unfortunately they are too small. I will eventually order a 1/2 size up and donate these lovely pairs to another. Otherwise they are beautiful, soft and delightful.

Hi Deirdre,

We are sorry that your shoes felt too tight. We offer free, easy exchanges. We will be happy to send you half size bigger shoes. Please email us and we will be happy to assist you.

Safari - Women's
Martha McKee
Love My Charix!

I'm up to five (5!) pair now - these shoes are comfortable and stylish. I wear them to church, to shop, out-to-dinner, and to run a last-minute errand. Worth every penny, and I love the colors. Easy-to-clean, and look brand new after months of wear. Love My Charix!

Graphite - Men's
Nelson matos
Walking in the clouds

Being comfortable on my feet is a top priority. For the last 2 decades I have tried many high end brands of espadrilles most imported. I have amassed an extensive collection.
Ten pairs are Charix. The custom qualities are immediately evident in the craftsmanship. The fir is second to none. They hug the feet with soft malleable comfort that only improves with each wear. A fringe benefit is the number of compliments and people who ask what they are and where I got them from.
To walk endlessly in pure comfort is actually reality.

Bordeaux - Women's
Diane Canova
Comfort and Style

Love my burgundy Charix - so comfortable and stylish. Can’t wait to walk around Italy with them. Hadn’t heard of Charix until I saw online ad. Will definitely purchase more.

I Love These Shoes

Am thrilled with my shoes. Beyond dreamy. Comfortable, chic and masterful craftsmanship. A true gem in the time of mass produced goods. Already thinking about the next color to order.
Thank you Charix for your shoes and your lovely gracious customer service.

Camel Black - Women's
DawnElla Rust
Heal slippage

My heal was slipping and I contacted support. Support suggested I add a heal pad to $165 shoe to make it work. I want them to work because I love the look of the shoe, but a tad disappointed.

Hi Dawn. We make minimalist shoes that should not require heel pads. For about 99% of our customers, we don't need to recommend heel pads. Given your description, we thought they may work... Since your purchase, we have made some tweaks to the heel to make it tighter. If you email us, we would be happy to work with you and see if the new changes to the heel work better for you.

Camel Black - Women's
Constance Schneider
Smell good

I think you’re shoes run small it bruised my big toe.
Overall the shoes don’t smell at all wearing them their foot. I think the bottoms of them wear out pretty quick

Camel Black - Women's
Tammy Gabaree

These are my most favorite shoes! I definitely want /need to get more colors! They were easily worn strait from the box for a full day of walking; and only have gotten more comfortable as time has gone by! I highly recommend these shoes to everyone I knows.

The leather is very soft and flexible. The insoles are comfortable and they are very light weight.

Best shoes ever!

I have 3 pair and want more! They are so comfy well made and look good with everything. Don't hesitate buy a pair now. Customer service is 5 star also!

Black - Women's
Amazing comfort

I love my shoes

Ultimate Gray - Women's
Kelli Mcallister
Comfy and classy

I absolutely love the two pair I got. Casual or dressy ... They go with everything. As a below the knee amputee, they slide on my prosthetic with minimal effort and are great too walk in

Olive Suede - Women's
Michelle Alfaro
Like a glove

Have just started wearing these shoes and breaking them in. Casual, comfortable look for traveling while still looking like you’re making an effort. I bought the green suede in my normal size and they fit perfect.

Cuts above Sabah!

I initially purchased a pair of Sabahs based on a friend's recommendation, however, when they arrived it was very obvious that two different pieces of leather had been used. One shoe was just fine, the leather on the other shoe was wrinkled, marred and of inferior quality. In other words, one shoe looked brand new and the other looked worn and used, not to mention the lack of comfort and cushioning. When I communicated my displeasure to the customer service people I was told that this is normal with leather and that by wearing the shoes, they would soon look similar. I found that attitude to be insulting and demeaning; in other words, that is the way leather is ............i am 71 and have worn enough pairs of leather shoes to know/ recognize quality. Sabahs didn't want to restock a pair of shoes which obviously should never have made it through "quality" inspection.
I turned around and decided to try Charix.....WOW ,what a difference in comfort, quality and service! When I was uncertain about your sizing, no problem I was told..........we will send another pair for you to compare, then just return the pair you don't want. No charge! That is how to win customers over.
I now own four pairs and love each one!
PS This is the first review I have ever written for an item of clothing. That is how strongly I feel about your shoes and customer service. And yes,I will be ordering more pairs as my older feet want comfort with style. Thank you for being so easy to deal with.

Ultimate Gray - Women's
Brenda Bosetti

I absolutely love the Charix shoes!! I have never had a shoe that I didn't get blisters from when first wearing them until now!! So comfy!! So stylish!! I will definitely be getting more colors!!

Bordeaux - Women's
Are 3 pairs enough?

Loved the soft gray so much I bought the red and deep green ones. They do take 3-4 wearings to stretch them out to be comfortable but I love them already. Better than the M Gemmi loafers that were twice the price

Black - Women's
Kelly Whitney

So comfortable—stylish

Hunter Green - Women's
Pamela Martin
bad sizing

The last order has been returned as they are way too wide and sloppy in fit. Charix really should consider selling narrow sizes.

Black - Men's
Zachary Dietz
Comfy But Sweaty

Love these shoes, they’re breaking in so nicely. My only dig is that the super comfy footbed makes my feet sweat like no other. Otherwise awesome!

Black - Women's
Niki Thommen
I love these shoes

I now have two pair and I’m thinking about a third. They are comfortable beyond belief and the ease of a slip-on is a plus. Very well made and the leather used is plush.

Nice shoes. Customer service isn’t the best

I bought two pair of these shoes and kept one pair. That pair has proven to be comfortable. The pair I sent back has been a hassle. I had to aske several times for a return label, that label isn’t traceable for some reason and I haven’t gotten a refund 14 days after a 2 day return mailing. Probably won’t but again.

Black - Women's
Francia Lyons
Love love love

I love the shoes soon as I took them out of the box, very comfortable very well made, leather smells beautiful, just an excellent shoe and I will be buying more

Ultimate Gray - Women's
Jocelyn Krasner
I look forward to working these in.

I had to size up but it seems these will be great once they break in. I just don’t feel like wearing closed shoes this summer as it’s been so hot. So I haven’t worn them yet.

Cream - Women's
Gillian Moorhead
My favorite shows ever!

Soft buttery leather tops, sturdy attractive soles, and brilliant colors! They are wide enough and fitted enough. They mold to your feet in an attractive way. Reminds me of the beautiful shoes I’ve bought in Istanbul. Love them!


What a treat it was to try on my new Charix shoes and realize that they needed no breaking in. They fit perfectly right out of the box. I bought them to wear to a trade show and they didn’t disappoint. After 14 hours standing and walking on concrete my feet were blister free and ready for Day 2. I’m a Charix believer!