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The traditional version of Charix are still handmade in Turkey by cobblers using ancient techniques that have been passed down for generations. After centuries, you can still find them in local shops in Istanbul for $20 or through dealers in NYC for $200. They are made with same old-world construction, marketed differently.

The traditional version, taken in 2010


The starting point of our brand was based on the traditional version. Along the way, we discovered several brands that offer them. Unchanged for centuries, we extensively field-tested the traditional shoes and we found them lacking in the quality, comfort, and fit that we expect from our contemporary shoes. So we decided to take a renewed approach.

We reimagined and refined Charix.


We faithfully preserved the beautiful look and charming spirit of the original shoe, but intentionally changed the feel and the experience for modern day. After trial and error, we found perfect harmony: a new version that captures all the magic of the traditional footwear and still feels like you are walking on cloud nine.

Virtually the same, yet drastically improved .


We are proud to be the first and only brand that offers these ancient style of shoes with the specifications of contemporary high-end footwear.


How long has this type of shoe existed?

The traditional Charix have existed for centuries. They are still made in limited quantities across Turkey.

Who used to wear these shoes?

They were commonly worn as a daily staple by women and men alike, both in the streets of Istanbul and around the region at large.

Are there other brands that sell this type of shoe?

Several brands sell the traditional version -- some in Istanbul Grand Bazaar for $20, some in NYC for $200, and others everywhere in between; made with same construction, and marketed differently.

Are Charix made with the traditional method?

No. We guarded the traditional design but changed the original construction to a more ergonomic, comfortable, modern version of our own. This made all the difference.

Why did you stray from the traditional version?

Our forefathers did not have the same expectation of comfort, fit, durability, and orthopedics as we do today. Our version improved all those points. If you wear both versions you will immediately feel the difference.

Do you plan to offer the traditional version?

No. Based on our extensive comparative wear tests, our customers ultimately prefer the consistent fit, comfort, and higher quality of Charix over the traditional version.

I own the traditional version. I want to try Charix.

Email us a picture of you wearing your old traditional pair. We will give you a $20 credit towards your next Charix purchase.

I prefer the tradition version. Who sells them?

There are several brands that offer the traditional version at varying price points. You can find them by searching Instagram or Etsy. Or you can find them at shops in Istanbul, where we found our original pair.

Are there different versions of the traditional shoe?

There are several versions; some feature a curled toe, some feature a flat vamp, some feature a woven design. And of course, there is the version we chose for Charix brand, as seen on the picture.

 The same tradition, different versions. Circa 2010.