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From Istanbul With Love

Our story starts in Old City Istanbul, where we discovered a charming pair of leather shoes, locally called Charix. They are handmade by skilled craftsmen using techniques that have been passed down for generations.

As avid travelers, we thought that the perfect version would combine the original shoe's gorgeous aesthetics with comfort, a consistent fit, and lasting quality – without sacrificing any part of either. So we set out to make it.

We went straight to the source, to the heart of Istanbul, where we workedwith local shoemakers – this time with contemporary tools and a newperspective.

We reimagined, rebuilt, and refined the classic version right down to every last detail. Finally, we found perfect harmony: a new version that captures all the magic of the traditional footwear and still feels like you are walking on cloud nine.

We aim to spread our love and passion for Charix with people around the world. Join our journey as we turn them into the next world classic.



What does Charix mean?

Charix is our intentional twist to the local word "Charik", which refers to traditional handmade shoes from Turkey.

Why do you have a "X" in the back of your shoes?

The little "X" on our shoes is a subtle brand signature –​a kiss from Istanbul: thecrossroads of old and new, east and west.

Why is your tagline "From Istanbul With Love"?

Our tagline ties our shoes to their origin. We are making an original shoe,unique to our atelier in Istanbul, and we want to highlight that.

Describe Charix shoes in a few words.

The perfect travel shoe that allows you to pack less and do more, in style and comfort.

Who are your customers?

Our customer base is highly versatile – young and old, female and male,urban and outdoorsy. All well-traveled, all fun-loving, and all young-at-heart.

Where are you located?

Our atelier is in Istanbul.
Our US office is in Washington DC.
Our shoes are in cities around the world.