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memory foam insoles

Memory foam insoles for extra comfort


Natural leather inside and out

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Charix shoes feel exceptionally comfortable for long hours of working, walking, or traveling. Wear them with style and ease from day or night, from meetings or drinks, from city to seaside.

  • Memory-foam insoles
  • Natural leather inside and out
  • Contoured heel for perfect fit
  • Proprietary, non-skid rubber sole
  • Ergonomic Instep

Sizing Tip: If you don't prefer a very snug fit or you have wider feet, order half a size up.

Effortless Versatility.
Supremely Comfortable.
Universally Chic.

Charix is our original take on a classic silhouette, where traditional design meets the finest contemporary craftsmanship.

A Traditional Design, Reimagined

For centuries, skilled craftsmen in Turkey have been handmaking artisinal leather shoes, called charik. Our modern version is easy to dress up or down, casual enough to wear to brunch, yet refined enough to pair with formal attire.

Charix being designed

Modern Upgrades

We brought in modern tools, capable hands, and an abundance of creativity into our atelier to rebuild the classic version down to every last detail, including:

Natural leather inside & out

Natural Full-Grain Leather

Fine natural leather is used inside and outside. Each pair is supple and breathable out of the box, and ages beautifully overtime.

Hand stitching


Leather is hand stitched and features our signature forward-slant detail that represents moving onwards and upwards.

Memory foam insoles

Memory Foam Insoles

Hidden memory-foam insoles form to your feet and get even more comfortable with each wear.

Rubber outsole

Durable Outsole

Our non-skid outsoles are uniquely engineered with durable rubber to provide lasting grip and water resistance.

Built to Last

We build Charix exclusively with top shelf materials. We hand-pick the finest natural leathers, which age beautifully over time. We line our shoes with the softest calf leather - it never smells nor overheats. Our hidden memory foam insoles keep arches unstrained, while our minimalist rubber outsoles provide grip and durability.

built to last

Customer Reviews

Based on 322 reviews
The best shoes ever!

I have trouble finding shoes that are comfortable. I have a small wide foot and I do not tolerate heels. I measured my foot at 23 cm but I knew a size 5 would be too small. I ordered size 6.5 and they felt snug at first but within 10 min they were so comfortable. I ordered 2 more pairs because they are so comfortable and I love the style. The shipping was very quick as well.


Comfy and so cute for any time! these are some laid back comfy shoes. Love them!

Love My New Shoes

The minute I saw these shoes on Facebook I new I had to get a pair. I love flats but generally flats are not very sturdy. I have severe peripheral neuropathy. My feet are numb and hurt. My physical therapist has shown me a number of shoes I have not liked. Just seeing these shoe I new they would be great. The first pair they sent were too big. I sent them back and had another pair within a week. I can highly recommend these shoes, especially if your have problem feet. I love them and will buy another pair next month.

Kristy Bloomer

Sort of stiff and uncomfortable

When I initially put the shoes the leather was stiff and uncomfortable. I haven’t worn them because they hurt my feet so I doubt I’ll ever “break them in”. I had already worn them and returned the box so I guess I’m stuck with them.

Lovely Co., Shoes, and Customer Service

Finding a shoe size that fits me is difficult, and despite some user error on my end to initiate an exchange, a representative reached out to ensure my first order promo carried over to my separate order.

The shoes are lovely and crafted with care. I’m actually not in possession of a pair at the time of writing this review, but I was so impressed with the product immediately even if that order didn’t quite fit me. I can’t wait for the correct size to arrive, so I can show them off! Love these East Coast/DC shoes. Shop local.

Adorable and versatile

These shoes are not only super cute but they work perfectly for those of us who are on our feet teaching all day! Calling all teachers: Please check these out! They work perfectly for all of your outfits and for zapping around your classroom! I just ordered another pair!

Not To Be Dramatic...

....but my Charix shoes have ruined all other shoes for me. They go with everything and are so comfortable (yet professional). Being a diabetic, I appreciate all the cushion and the fact that there is plenty of room in the toes.
Also, shout-out to the stellar customer service!

So Cute

I finally received the Cherry shoes that have been ordered for awhile! Love them. The shoes on the website look to have a little bit of a pink color to them. They look to be a different shade of red. No matter, they are very cute. So glad they came in. Thank you, Charix!


This particular color/suede does not fit like any of the smooth leather pairs I have and the toe box is not adequate. The customer service rep informed me that the toe box on this particular color has not been redesigned. I wish the company would either redesign all the toe boxes or inform the customer whick ones have or have not been. I have spent more time returning shoes playing the what size will work in this color game then I care to.
I unfortunately believe that as much as I like your shoes I must stop additional purchases until you have consistency in sizing. I have a pair that fits great a pair that I can only wear a shirt time because of the toe box and am hoping to get the return on this pair correctly sized or they will be returned again.

Hi Johanna -- great to hear from you. We did experiment with the toebox to find the perfect balance between too tight against the vs. too wiggly. We collected a lot of feedback to make one universal toebox that worked for a vast majority of our customers. We re happy to inform you that we finally found the perfect balance and all of our shoes today have one standard toebox.

Enjoying these shoes!

Such an attractive, comfortable pair of shoes! Thank you, Charix!