Graphite - Women's

memory foam insoles

Memory foam insoles for extra comfort


Natural leather inside and out

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Charix shoes feel exceptionally comfortable for long hours of working, walking, or traveling. Wear them with style and ease from day or night, from meetings or drinks, from city to seaside.

  • Memory-foam insoles
  • Natural leather inside and out
  • Contoured heel for perfect fit
  • Proprietary, non-skid rubber sole
  • Ergonomic Instep

Sizing Tip: If you don't prefer a very snug fit or you have wider feet, order half a size up.

Effortless Versatility.
Supremely Comfortable.
Universally Chic.

Charix is our original take on a classic silhouette, where traditional design meets the finest contemporary craftsmanship.

A Traditional Design, Reimagined

For centuries, skilled craftsmen in Turkey have been handmaking artisinal leather shoes, called charik. Our modern version is easy to dress up or down, casual enough to wear to brunch, yet refined enough to pair with formal attire.

Charix being designed

Modern Upgrades

We brought in modern tools, capable hands, and an abundance of creativity into our atelier to rebuild the classic version down to every last detail, including:

Natural leather inside & out

Natural Full-Grain Leather

Fine natural leather is used inside and outside. Each pair is supple and breathable out of the box, and ages beautifully overtime.

Hand stitching


Leather is hand stitched and features our signature forward-slant detail that represents moving onwards and upwards.

Memory foam insoles

Memory Foam Insoles

Hidden memory-foam insoles form to your feet and get even more comfortable with each wear.

Rubber outsole

Durable Outsole

Our non-skid outsoles are uniquely engineered with durable rubber to provide lasting grip and water resistance.

Built to Last

We build Charix exclusively with top shelf materials. We hand-pick the finest natural leathers, which age beautifully over time. We line our shoes with the softest calf leather - it never smells nor overheats. Our hidden memory foam insoles keep arches unstrained, while our minimalist rubber outsoles provide grip and durability.

built to last

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Mary Lou Wilson
One of every color

Love my Charix!! I have four pair. They are comfortable that I wear them to work in a hospital where I do a lot of walking. My feet still feel good at the end of the day!! Maybe I need one of every color!!

Great shoes

I have horrible feet and these shoes feel great on my feet. I receive a lot of compliments. Highly recommend them.

Donna Givens
so comfortable...I forget I’m wearing them sometimes!

I bought the Graphite color this year and ordered a half size larger than my first pair. Stunning Cobalt blue. This larger size shoe is easier to slip on and off. I realize my feet are not both exactly the same size. I love these shoes and have received many compliments. The concept of creating a fabulous product with such creative entrepreneurs is wonderful. congratulations on your design and your marketing. I wish you great success..Donna Givens

Karen Mason
Very comfortable and practical

These are beautifully made and very comfortable. I own three pairs and wear them all the time. They are much better quality than the competition.

Faythe Ness
Love them

Very comfortable, stylish, and cozy, will be ordering more!

M. Angela Melville

I am a new member of the CHARIX community and delighted owner of four pairs of their shoes, yellow, pistachio green, dark navy blue Nd the latest cherry. Because of arthritic feet I now have to go over my normal size. The leather very quickly softens and adapts to the form of the feet and make them extremely comfortable and very elegant. Love them. MAGM

Peggy Younts

Graphite - Women's

kaylie r
Just ordered my 5th & 6th pair!

Most comfortable classy shoes eva!

Attractive shoes

At first they did not fit properly, but after shoe stretchers and some marbles, they are going to work out!

I'm addicted !!

It started with two pairs. I ordered two different sizes because I wasn't sure which one would fit. One was perfect, the other one was too big. No problem whatsoever returning and exchanging for the right size. And it's been a thrilling ride ever since! I love these shoes for how utterly comfortable they are, how they lovingly mold to my feet and feel like "home" and "family ", how really classy they look, how they go with anything and everything, and how they come in so many fabulous colors that I now own *nine* pairs! These wonderful shoes are my daily uniform now for practically every occasion! I am deliriously addicted!

Photo is of my happy feet in Taupe, along with my sweet girl, Latifah.